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Sometimes I make things ^_^

As a small streamer, I am indebted to the generosity of free-to-use assets, and when I eventually started to build my own assets, it seemed only fair that I give back to that community. So... here we are!

free assets

All assets on this page are free for anyone to use.

Donations are appreciated but certainly not required. If you wish to donate and are financially stable to do so, you may do so on my ko-fi page.

Terms of Use

  • These assets may be used on Twitch/YouTube only for the purposes of livestreaming or video BGMs. (This includes commercial use.)

  • Credit must be given (lilellia), and links should be made to this carrd.

  • While not required, if you find a use for these, I'd love to hear about it~


These three were ones I used for my own streams:

These are ones I made separately:

∼ commissioned by charismaticcardboard

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